Members with Boat Docks will be charged $25.00 annually and required to sign a lease agreement. The lease agreement, proof of insurance as well as all fees MUST BE returned in order for your membership to be considered renewed. Failure to remit any of the above required items will force us to remove your property from the Club at your expense.

  • Prior permission MUST BE obtained from the Boat & Dock committee before performing any repairs on or selling of your dock.
  • Members with permanent or temporary speed boat passes will be charged $25.00 annually and MUST present proof of insurance(minimum $300,000.00) to the Club Office by June 1ST of each year or your boat permit WILL BE canceled NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Boat and dock owners must comply with rules and regulations of boat committee and IDOC regulations or membership will be terminated.
  • All boats(ski, fishing, sailboats, etc.) MUST have a valid IDOC Sticker, card number and current Club sticker affixed to them IN CLEAR VIEW.
  • Canoes, kayak’s, paddle boats and all other watercraft that do not have a motor or sail are required to have a Water Usage Stamp, card number and current Club sticker affixed to them IN CLEAR VIEW.
  • ONLY trolling motors are allowed in Incline One, THIS IS A NO WAKE AREA.
  • Absolutely no swimming will be allowed off of the docks, if you are caught your membership will be terminated.
  • Absolutely no electric may be pulled to the docks.
  • Boats shall use extreme caution and minimize speeds while passing by fishing and swimming areas. All boats SHALL respect the NO WAKE RULE across from the Beach and in Incline One.
  • A floatation device or vest MUST BE worn by ALL people in the boat.
  • Docks and the areas around them must be kept clean, neat, and in good physical repair. The owner’s name MUST BE posted on the dock.
  • Adult supervision must be maintained while children are on the docks.
  • The lakes will be patrolled to ensure the rules are being followed.
  • No swimming is allowed anywhere other than the Beach area.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed in any boat.
  • Temporary, registered ski-boats are allowed in the Club Mon-Fri (excluding holidays). You must contact the Club Office and provide proof of Insurance.
  • You must have the sticker provided by the club which identifies your boat as having provided the club with the proper information to allow you to utilize your boat on the weekdays affixed to the boat in clear view.
  • NO boats will be allowed in the Club without a current IDOC sticker.
  • Manufacturer’s recommended loading capacities must be adhered to.
  • Members cannot loan out their boats.
  • Maximum allowed boat length is 22 ft.
  • Pontoons cannot pull/tow anything.
  • NO boats are allowed in Stoney(Kid’s) Lake.
  • NO motorized vehicles are allowed on frozen lakes.
  • As of July 1, 2013 Kid’s under the age 18 have to attend a boater’s safety class in order to operate a water vessel.