Camping tent
Campers MUST BE registered annually, at
the Club Office. Providing proof of .
Liability Insurance and the signing of a
camping agreement are also required.
A Club sticker will then be affixed to the
Camper. No camper will be allowed to
Camp in the Club without a current Club

  • All campers and tents MUST check in at
    the front gate upon arrival indicating the
    area/place and duration of stay.
  • All campers and tents WILL BE
    charged a daily fee for camping
    regardless of which area is chosen
    and this amount MUST BE paid at
    the admittance time to the Club.
    Failure to pay fees on time will
    result in late charges being
  • All campers and tents MUST check out with the Gate Guard before leaving the club. If you leave the club owing camping fees you will be sent a bill along with you annual dues. The fees will have to be paid prior to accepting your annual dues!
  • All campers and tents MUST display their camping permit (visible from the roadway) at all times.
  • Camping fees will not be accepted for more than 14 days at a time. Campers MUST obtain a new camping permit every 14 days or when they relocate to another area. Failure to pay and/or re-register every two weeks will result in a fine of $6.00/day being assessed in addition to any normal daily charges.
  • Expired camping permits must be turned in prior to receiving a new one or upon exit from the Club.
  • The Board Of Directors reserve the right to adjust, realign, move and/or correct any camper or tent location issue at anytime.
  • All campers and tents must keep their area neat and clean as well as place all refuse in the appropriate containers. Area’s are subject to inspection.
  • Campers and tents MUST maintain a 25’ distance from other campers as well as minimizing the area used around them so as to allow other members to also enjoy the club. Club Members MUST NOT block off or use excessive amounts of space around their campers or tents.
  • Members MUST clean up after their pets.
  • The maximum size for a carpet on the ground outside of your camper is 5’x 10’.
  • ALL waste water must be disposed of properly.
  • All cords plugged into Club power MUST BE a minimum of 10-guage wire. If you don’t have the proper cord your Camper will be removed from the Club.
  • No guests are allowed to bring in campers, tents or boats.
  • Campers may not be stored at the Club.
  • The Club assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any articles in trailers, cabins, campers or tents while in the Club.
  • Pallets are not to be used as firewood.